More Than Gold

 Valentina Ploy สตริง สากล
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คอร์ดเพลง More Than Gold Valentina Ploy
เนื้อร้อง/ทำนอง: Valentina Ployเรียบเรียง/โปรดิวเซอร์: Pokpong Jitdeeสังกัดค่าย: What The Duck

MaEmma used to saywhen I was twelve years oldIt’s nicDe to be a child, don’t rush to grow oldWith timCe you’ll realizedthat nothing worth comes eGasy    D

DaEmddy used to say when I was 15 years oldYou have the couDrage in your pocketand strength in your soulJust gCo be yourself'cause it will never leaGve ya   D

And noEmw that I have grown oldI’m still a chiDld in a different homeI’m still leaCrning to let goWith all my fearDs and all my flaws

I’m singing now oEmh oh ohLife is unknoDwnAnd when you thiCnkyou have something to loseThat’s a new dawG DnOEmh oh oh.. I’m not aloDneYou might thiCnk this is nothingBut nothing means more than goG Dld

MaEmma used to bring me with her everywhereI’m luDcky I had someone thatknew how to carewith tiCme I realized thatreal things don’t come eaGsy    D

DaEmddy always warned me'bout the wolves out there He saidohD baby girl, good hearts are rare,hold oCn to them'cause they will never leaGve ya  D

* | ** |

Em | D |C | G D |
Em | D |C | G D |

OEmh oh oh.. I’m far from hoDmeI’ve got my dreaCms to follow,but I promise that I’m not goG Dne

OEmh oh oh.. You’re in my bonDesI never thougCht I had nothing'cause you are more than Ggold..

คอร์ดเพลง More Than Gold Valentina Ploy

เนื้อเพลง More Than Gold Valentina Ploy Mama used to say when I was twelve years old It’s nice to be a child, don’t rush to grow old With time you’ll realized that nothing worth comes easy Daddy used to say when I was 15 years old You have the courage in your pocket and strength in your soul Just go be yourself 'cause it will never leave ya And now that I have grown old I’m still a child in a different home I’m still learning to let go With all my fears and all my flaws I’m singing now oh oh oh Life is unknown And when you think you have something to lose That’s a new dawn Oh oh oh I’m not alone You might think this is nothing But nothing means More Than Gold Mama used to bring me with her everywhere I’m lucky I had someone that knew how to care with time I realized that real things don’t come easy Daddy always warned me 'bout the wolves out there He said oh baby girl, good hearts are rare, hold on to them 'cause they will never leave ya Oh oh oh I’m far from home I’ve got my dreams to follow, but I promise that I’m not gone Oh oh oh You’re in my bones I never thought I had nothing 'cause you are More Than Gold