Green Tea & Honey

  Dane Amar   สากล
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คอร์ดเพลง Green Tea & Honey Dane Amar
เนื้อร้อง/ทำนอง: Jereena Lynn Montemayor, Shoubunhdith Alvin Phiavongsaเรียบเรียง: Gary Cheung

Fmaj7 | A7b13 |Dm7 | Cm7 F6 |
A#maj7 | Am7 Dm7 |Gm7 | Csus4 |

Girl youFmaj7 don't know, nah  A7b13What you do to meWhen I seeDm7 that crinkle on your noseI woCm7nder if you fluF6ently just A#maj7  Do you.. Like you doAm7 so effortlesDm7sly   I want yoGm7u right next to me   I want youCsus4 to be my

Be my, my GreeFmaj7n Tea in the morningBe my,  A7b13 my sugar honey You're just Dm7  so great I wonder girl   I wonCm7der why you loveF6 me. It's so   lovA#maj7ely, can't complain   One day I'Am7ll give you my naDm7me   If you're doGm7wn, If you're doCsus4wn

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 Fmaj7  I can't describe the feelA7b13ing you gave   When you.. bleDm7w me away And I..   CaCm7rry that eF6very dayA#maj7   My sunAm7shine and my moDm7on   You'Gm7re all I wanna do   Every nighCsus4t until we're through

 Fmaj7  These little moments thaA7b13t we've got Dm7  You make me feel like soCm7mething I'm noF6t   Green Tea and HoA#maj7ney babe   So waAm7rm and sweDm7et   You're alGm7l I need  Just yoCsus4u and me

 Fmaj7  I said now here we go again A7b13  Another verse about   How you got me feeling it Dm7  I'm feeling very many different Types of ways   I just goCm7tta say, I just wanna seF6e you   Every second of every daA#maj7y   If that's ok then let me know   YeAm7s I got the flow   That can makDm7e us go afloat   Thirty thouGm7sand we won't ever hear below   You're a queCsus4en   and The world is yours, a whole (yeah)

 Fmaj7  Baby I got you and A7b13  Baby you got me Dm7  Tell me how you feelin'   JusCm7t keep it real anF6d   Promise we'll find peA#maj7ace   Your smile it got me Am7 Dm7   Got me lost like your eyGm7es   Baby I just want you   WanCsus4t you to go in, Want you to be my

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Fmaj7 | A7b13 | Dm7 | Cm7 F6 |
A#maj7 | Am7 Dm7 | Gm7 | Csus4 |

คอร์ดเพลง GreenTea & Honey Dane Amar

เนื้อเพลง Green Tea and Honey Dane Amar Girl you don't know, nah What you do to me When I see that crinkle on your nose I wonder if you fluently just Do you Like you do so effortlessly I want you right next to me I want you to be my Be my, my Green Tea in the morning Be my, my sugar honey You're just so great I wonder girl I wonder why you love me It's so lovely, can't complain One day I'll give you my name If you're down, If you're down I can't describe the feeling you gave When you blew me away And I Carry that every day My sunshine and my moon You're all I wanna do Every night until we're through These little moments that we've got You make me feel like something I'm not Green Tea and Honey babe So warm and sweet You're all I need Just you and me I said now here we go again Another about How you got me feeling it I'm feeling very many different Types of ways I just gotta say, I just wanna see you Every second of every day If that's ok then let me know Yes I got the flow That can make us go afloat Thirty thousand we won't ever hear below You're a queen and The world is yours, a whole (yeah) Baby I got you and Baby you got me Tell me how you feelin' Just keep it real and Promise we'll find peace Your smile it got me Got me lost like your eyes Baby I just want you Want you to go in, Want you to be my