Nothing On You (LIVE in Nevada 2011)

  Bruno Mars   สากล   อินเลิฟ
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คอร์ดเพลง Marry You Bruno Mars (LIVE in Nevada 2011)
เนื้อร้อง/ทำนอง: Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., Peter Gene Hernandez, Philip Martin Ii Lawrence, Ari Levine

If I tolD#maj7d you I was perfect I'll be lyingIf there's somCm7ethingI'm not doing girl I'm tryingI'm know I'm no aDmngelBut I'm not so baFdNo, no, no

If you seD#maj7e me at the party conversatinThat doesn't meCmantelephone numbers are exchangingI'm know I'm no anDmgel girlbut I'm not so baFdNo, no, no.. you should know that..

Beautiful girD#maj7ls all over the worldI could be chaCm7sing,but my time would be wastedThey got nothing on yoDmu, babyNothing on yoFu, baby

They might say "hD#maj7i" and I might say "hey"But you shouldn't woCm7rryabout what they say'Cause they got nothing on yoDm7u, babyNothing on yoFu, baby

D#maj7 | D#maj7 |Cm7 | Cm7 |
Dm7 | Dm7 |F | F |

I've been to LoD#maj7ndon, I've been to ParisEven way out there in TokyoBack home down in GeCm7orgia to New OrleansBut you always steal the showAnd just like thDmat girl you got a fro (Got a fro)Like a Nintendo 64 (64)If you never kneFw well now you know(Know, know, know)

* | ** |

Beautiful girD#maj7ls..Looking on The Beautiful girCm7ls..They got nothing on yoDmu.. babyBaFby know ya baby, Baby know ya babyD#maj7Woohoo.. Cm7Nothing Nothing on yoDmu, baby, Know KnowKnow, know, know, know, know..D#maj7Yeah Yeah BeautifuCm7l girls..They got nothing oFn... (ว้ายๆ อร้าย กรี้ดๆ)They got nothing on.. You...A#maj7.

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เนื้อเพลง Marry You Bruno Mars (LIVE in Nevada 2011) If I told you I was perfect I'll be lying If there's something I'm not doing girl I'm trying I'm know I'm no angel But I'm not so bad No, no, no If you see me at the party conversatin That doesn't mean telephone numbers are exchanging I'm know I'm no angel girl but I'm not so bad No, no, no you should know that Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing, but my time would be wasted They got nothing on you, baby Nothing on you, baby They might say "hi" and I might say "hey" But you shouldn't worry about what they say 'Cause they got nothing on you, baby Nothing on you, baby I've been to London, I've been to Paris Even way out there in Tokyo Back home down in Georgia to New Orleans But you always steal the show And just like that girl you got a fro (Got a fro) Like a Nintendo 64 (64) If you never knew well now you know (Know, know, know) Beautiful girls Looking on The Beautiful girls They got nothing on you baby Baby know ya baby, Baby know ya baby Woohoo Nothing Nothing on you, baby, Know Know Know, know, know, know, know Yeah Yeah Beautiful girls They got nothing on (ว้ายๆ อร้าย กรี้ดๆ) They got nothing on You