Taking Less and Giving More

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คอร์ดเพลง Taking Less and Giving More Add Carabao (แอ๊ด คาราบาว)
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E B/D# | A |
E B/D# | B/D# |

There’s a glooEmy shadB/D#ow across theC#m landWe all knoEw it is a tB/D#ale but true sB/D#toryYet, the suAn and moon will alwayEs riseAnd the worEld is not whB/D#at it used tB/D# Ao be

We buiElt all weaB/D#pons of maC#mking warsWe maEde the largestB/D# sums of moB/D#neyAnd we stiAll want them more and morAe,then camEe the unBseen enemE B Ey

No one knoEws when it staB/D#rts or whenC#m it endsAnd no one knoEws when it wiB/D#ll start agaB/D#inWhere do we gAo while our paths ain’t cleEar,how do we gEo aheBad from heBre

It reminEds us that noB/D# one is an exC#mceptionNo maEtter where you’re frB/D#om or who you aB/D#reNo maAtter what’s your age or genAderNo maEtter how you’re riBch or pooEr

If we wanAt the real changeWe need to chaC#mnge on our owEnAlAl we’ve got to do istaking lesBs and giving morEeSuF#mfficiency livinBgis WhaBt we’re looking for..

This is hoAw humanitEy will evC#molve for beEtterThis is hoAw we can chaBnge the worEldIt’s aboAut everyonBein evG#mery walk of liC#mfe,to starF#mt a new visioBn in our minEd

E B | C#m |E B | B |
A | A |E B | E |

* | ** |

It’s aboAut everyonBein evG#mery walk of liC#mfe,to starF#mt a new visioBn in our minE B Ed

E B/D# | A |E B/D# | B/D# |

คอร์ดเพลง Taking Less and Giving More Add Carabao (แอ๊ด คาราบาว)

เนื้อเพลง Taking Less and Giving More Add Carabao (แอ๊ด คาราบาว) There’s a gloomy shadow across the land We all know it is a tale but true story Yet, the sun and moon will always rise And the world is not what it used to be We built all weapons of making wars We made the largest sums of money And we still want them more and more, then came the unseen enemy No one knows when it starts or when it ends And no one knows when it will start again Where do we go while our paths ain’t clear, how do we go ahead from here It reminds us that no one is an exception No matter where you’re from or who you are No matter what’s your age or gender No matter how you’re rich or poor If we want the real change We need to change on our own All we’ve got to do is taking less and giving more Sufficiency living is What we’re looking for This is how humanity will evolve for better This is how we can change the world It’s about everyone in every walk of life, to start a new vision in our mind It’s about everyone in every walk of life, to start a new vision in our mind