childhood paradise

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คอร์ดเพลง childhood paradise Plastic Plastic
ทำนอง/เรียบเรียง: Pokpong Jitdeeเนื้อร้อง: Tongta Jitdeeโปรดิวเซอร์: Plastic Plasticสังกัดค่าย: What The Duckติดต่องานแสดง: 0818570572, 0631926456

Gmaj7 | Bm |Cmaj7 | F7 |

ThGmaj7e day we had old school short hair styB7lesWearing Jeans and slip-ons hanging ouEmtWithout you IDm’d never laugh out loCmaj7udYou know I waAms so proudwhenever you werDe around

SGmaj7pent sometimes sitting around a fiB7reEating chips and dip on river siEmdeYou are my chiDmldhood paradiCmaj7seSomeone I beCmar in mindwhenever I cloF7se my eyes

It shiGnes so briBmght for a whAmileWe haCmaj7d such yoF7uthful timDes oh

LGmaj7a la la la lBma It’s been a whiCmaj7leThF7ankful you’re still here by my sideNGmaj7ever turn back tiBmme to be a chCmaj7ildWe’ll foCreveBmr keep mAmemories aliDve

Gmaj7 | Bm |Cmaj7 | F7 |

ReGmaj7member all those wonderful gamB7esTurn the radio on with our friEmendsSeems like our tiDmme was never enCmaj7dThere are somethCming remainforever inF7 this place

* |

LoD#maj7nging for the previous tiDmeI miGmss the younger veFmrsion of mD#maj7yselfTime will alCmways pass,and everything wiDll pass by

Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Dm |

** |

Gmaj7 | Bm |Cmaj7 | F7 |
Gmaj7 | Bm |Cmaj7 | C Bm Am D |

คอร์ดเพลง childhood paradise Plastic Plastic

เนื้อเพลง childhood paradise Plastic Plastic The day we had old school short hair styles Wearing Jeans and slip-ons hanging out Without you I’d never laugh out loud You know I was so proud whenever you were around Spent sometimes sitting around a fire Eating chips and dip on river side You are my childhood paradise Someone I bear in mind whenever I close my eyes It shines so bright for a while We had such youthful times oh La la la la la It’s been a while Thankful you’re still here by my side Never turn back time to be a child We’ll forever keep memories alive Remember all those wonderful games Turn the radio on with our friends Seems like our time was never end There are something remain forever in this place Longing for the previous time I miss the younger version of myself Time will always pass, and everything will pass by