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คอร์ดเพลง Roses Finn Askew
สังกัดค่าย: Polydor Records

G A | F#m FmM7 |Em A#dim | D F#7 |

Hey, roEmseI bought you five rAoses,won't you come to my shoF#mw?Show you how to livB7e life,yeah, you know you're fukking goEmldGive you all my timA#dimeif you wanna take it sloDwYour soul is lovelyF#7, uh

** |

You're my litEmtle pick-me-up, yeahYouA fill up my cup, yeahTherF#me's never enough of yoB7u

   If I could have twEmo of you I would A#dim  Maybe that's a bit greedy D  We don't gotta keep it pg F#7  Darling, we can just be free, oh

Em A | F#m B7 |

It's on yoEmu, It's on yoA#dimu,It's on yoDu, It's on yoF#7u.

** | ** |

 Em  I hate waking upBut waAking up with youmakes me wanna wake upI'm a mesF#ms-up, you're a mess-up,that's too messed upsF#mM7

Uh, but we fell into each oEmther's armsOut of the stoA7rmI will put sun to your complDexionI lay my heaB7rt on you, yeah,that's my affecEmtion    AMy affeF#mction     F#mM7

* | ** | ** |

Hey, rEm A | F#m F#mM7oseHey, rEm A#dim | Dose

คอร์ดเพลง Roses Finn Askew

เนื้อเพลง Roses Finn Askew Hey, rose I bought you five roses, won't you come to my show? Show you how to live life, yeah, you know you're fukking gold Give you all my time if you wanna take it slow Your soul is lovely, uh You're my little pick-me-up, yeah You fill up my cup, yeah There's never enough of you If I could have two of you I would Maybe that's a bit greedy We don't gotta keep it pg Darling, we can just be free, oh It's on you, It's on you, It's on you, It's on you I hate waking up But waking up with you makes me wanna wake up I'm a mess-up, you're a mess-up, that's too messed ups Uh, but we fell into each other's arms Out of the storm I will put sun to your complexion I lay my heart on you, yeah, that's my affection My affection Hey, rose Hey, rose