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คอร์ดเพลง Serendipity Albert Posis

You came out of nowheFmaj7 D7reCauGm7gth my eye byC7 surpriseAnd I thiFmaj7nk that you'd been heD7aven sGm7 C7ent

BeFmaj7auty is flaring RocD7k what you're wearingSoGm7 damn fine IC7 keep on swearingYoA#ur the oAmnly onGme foCr mFe

FelA#maj7l in love unexpectedlyWe ain't goA#m7tta rush this is destinyEAm7verytime I see you babyD7It's so haDm7rd to speakGirl this ainGm7't no accidentalYeah, I sweC7ar we're meant to be

Fmaj7 C#dim C7 |

What you doin' to mFmaj7 D7eWhGm7at I feel this is soC7 unrealAnd baFmaj7by you give me bD7utterflGm7 C7ies

FeeFmaj7ls like I'm flyin' sonD7g's never dyin'SGm7o damn fine IC7 keep on sayin'YoA#ur the oAmnly onGme foCr mF Em Fe

* |

Fmaj7 C#dim F |

ThAm7ere might be peopleWho just doD7n't understandHow twA#maj7o could fall for each otherSiGm7mply by chanC7ce

But it's GoAm7d who put us here'Cause he haD7d a plaDm7nsDonGm7't gotta fuzz jusAm7t trust in usand leA#m7t me be your man

* |

Dm7 | G7 |

Said I sweGm7ar we're meant to bAm7eDamn I jusA#m7t wanna be witDm7h yahGirl this ainGm7't no accidentalYeah, it's seC7rendipitFmaj7 Fm | F | Fadd9y

คอร์ดเพลง Serendipity Albert Posis

เนื้อเพลง Serendipity Albert Posis You came out of nowhere Caugth my eye by surprise And I think that you'd been heaven sent Beauty is flaring Rock what you're wearing So damn fine I keep on swearing Your the only one for me Fell in love unexpectedly We ain't gotta rush this is destiny Everytime I see you baby It's so hard to speak Girl this ain't no accidental Yeah, I swear we're meant to be What you doin' to me What I feel this is so unreal And baby you give me butterflies Feels like I'm flyin' song's never dyin' So damn fine I keep on sayin' Your the only one for me There might be people Who just don't understand How two could fall for each other Simply by chance But it's God who put us here 'Cause he had a plans Don't gotta fuzz just trust in us and let me be your man Said I swear we're meant to be Damn I just wanna be with yah Girl this ain't no accidental Yeah, it's serendipity