Sixteen (16)

 Oscar Welsh สากล
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คอร์ดเพลง Sixteen Oscar Welsh

Gm | Am Dm |Gm | Am |

I was like SixGmteen,baby, when you calAmled me up   DmJust a little exGmtreme,just a little ouAmt of touch   DmGot me feeling loGmwWhen you needAm my love   DmOh, I knoGmw you wanna see meI knoAmw you wanna seeDm me, alright

   I swear on my mama   Am   On my fatDmher too Gm  She really shouldn't come up Am  But sheDm'd been on my line like (yo, hi)

IGm don't really like you, fiAmne, byeShDme be like,WhGmy you wanna just go so quick? Am Dm

I was only 1Gm4 when I firAmst met yoDmu1Gm5, then I knAmew

* |

Gm | Am Dm |Gm | Am |
Gm | Am Dm |Gm | Am |

 Gm  I swear on my cousin  Am   On my siDmblings too Gm  You never see her coming  Am   But sheDm been on my line like (yo, hola)

MaGmybe it is time to foAmllow, watch herDm   What she really wanna do? Gm  What she really wanna do?Am Dm

Now I'm like 1Gm8 and you're faAmr behindDm1Gm9, off my miAmnd

 Gm  In my system, there's this sAmuperficial love   With nGmo respect for distance   When I saAmy enough's enough   I knoGmw you wanna see me  Am Dm   I knoGmw you wanna see me  Am

* |

Gm | Am Dm |Gm | Am |


คอร์ดเพลง Sixteen Oscar Welsh 16

เนื้อเพลง Sixteen Oscar Welsh I was like Sixteen, baby, when you called me up Just a little extreme, just a little out of touch Got me feeling low When you need my love Oh, I know you wanna see me I know you wanna see me, alright I swear on my mama On my father too She really shouldn't come up But she'd been on my line like (yo, hi) I don't really like you, fine, bye She be like, Why you wanna just go so quick? I was only 14 when I first met you 15, then I knew I swear on my cousin On my siblings too You never see her coming But she been on my line like (yo, hola) Maybe it is time to follow, watch her What she really wanna do? What she really wanna do? Now I'm like 18 and you're far behind 19, off my mind In my system, there's this superficial love With no respect for distance When I say enough's enough I know you wanna see me I know you wanna see me alright