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คอร์ดเพลง Lucky Jason Mraz (feat. Colbie Caillat) Chord

C | C |

Do you hearC me, I'm talking to yoAmuAcross the wDmateracross the deeGp blue..oEcean Under the oAmpen sky,oh mDmy, baby I'm trGying

Boy, I hearC you in my dreAmamsI feel your whiDmsper across the seGaI keep you withE me in my heAmartYou make it eDmasier when lifGe gets haG#dimrd

 Am7  Lucky I'm inDm7 love with my best friG7end   Lucky to haveC been where IG/B have beAmen   Lucky to be coDm7ming home aGgain..    G#dim

OC Am Em Goh..

TheDmy don't knoAmw how long it takGesWaiting for a lovDm7e like thisEDmvery time we saAmy goodbyGeI wish we had onDm7e more kissI'll wait for you, I prAmomise you,I wiG Am G/Bll..

* |

LuAmcky we're inDm7 love in every waG7yLucky to haveC stayed where wG/Be have stAmayedLucky to be coDm7ming home someGday

And so I'm saCiling through theAm seaTo an iDmsland where we'll meGetYou'll hear the muEsic fill the aiAmrI'll put a flDmower inG your hair

Though the brCeezes through the treAmesMove so prDm7etty you're all I seGeAs the worlEd keeps spinning rouAmndYou hoDm7ld me right heGre right noG#dimw

* | ** |

C Am | Em G | ( x2 ) | C |

คอร์ดเพลง Lucky Jason Mraz (feat. Colbie Caillat) Lyrics

เนื้อเพลง Lucky Jason Mraz (feat. Colbie Caillat) Lyric Do you hear me, I'm talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying Boy, I hear you in my dreams I feel your whisper across the sea I keep you with me in my heart You make it easier when life gets hard Lucky I'm in love with my best friend Lucky to have been where I have been Lucky to be coming home again Ooh They don't know how long it takes Waiting for a love like this Every time we say goodbye I wish we had one more kiss I'll wait for you, I promise you, I will Lucky we're in love in every way Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed Lucky to be coming home someday And so I'm sailing through the sea To an island where we'll meet You'll hear the music fill the air I'll put a flower in your hair Though the breezes through the trees Move so pretty you're all I see As the world keeps spinning round You hold me right here right now