GAYLE   สากล
เผยแพร่เมื่อ:  โดย:  60ss

เนื้อร้อง/ทำนอง: Sara Davis, David Bruce Pittenger, Taylor Gayle Rutherfordโปรดิวเซอร์: Kristina Russo

f yoEu and your momand your sisG#ter and your joband your broC#mke down carand that stuAff you call artfxck yoEu and your friendsthat i’ll neG#ver see againeveryboC#mdy but your dogyou can alAl fxck off

 E  i swear i meant to mean the beG#st   when it ended C#m  even try to bite my tonAgue   when you start shxt

 E  now you’re texting all my friG#ends   asking questions   they neC#mver even liked you in the firAst place

 E  dated a girl that i haG#te for the attention C#m  she only made it two daAys,   what a connection E  it’s like you’d do anythiG#ng for my affection   you’re goC#ming all about it in the woArst ways

 E  i was into yoG#u but I’m over it noC#mw   and IA was trying to be nice E  but nothing’s getting throG#ugh   so let me spell it ouAt   a b c d e

** |

 E  Na na na nG#a Na na na nC#ma   a b cA d e f you

 E  You said you just needed spaG#ce   and so i gave it C#m  when I had nothing to saAy   you couldn’t take it

 E  told everyone i’m a bxG#tch   so i became it   aC#mlways had to put yourself abovAe me

* | ** | *** | ** |


เนื้อเพลง ABCDEFU GAYLE f you and your mom and your sister and your job and your broke down car and that stuff you call art fxck you and your friends that i’ll never see again everybody but your dog you can all fxck off i swear i meant to mean the best when it ended even try to bite my tongue when you start shxt now you’re texting all my friends asking questions they never even liked you in the first place dated a girl that i hate for the attention she only made it two days, what a connection it’s like you’d do anything for my affection you’re going all about it in the worst ways i was into you but I’m over it now and I was trying to be nice but nothing’s getting through so let me spell it out a b c d e Na na na na Na na na na a b c d e f you You said you just needed space and so i gave it when I had nothing to say you couldn’t take it told everyone i’m a bxtch so i became it always had to put yourself above me